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About Our Stud

Newcomen Herefords was founded by Barry and Topsy Newcomen at their picturesque Ensay property in December 2001.

It was an extension to their successful commercial enterprise which, to this day, continues to produce weaner calves among the tops at the prestigious Mountain Weaner Calf Sales at Ensay.

Starting out as a stock agent working at AML&F in Melbourne, Barry returned to his hometown of Ensay and bought 442 acres in partnership with his brother Evan in 1959. They added acreage over the years and teamed successfully for 34 years, trading as BC & EO Newcomen to establish one of the best commercial herds in the area and even now, farming independently, the brothers continue to provide regular toppers of the market.

In the early days, the brothers farmed sheep and cattle, producing 204 bales of wool in the early 1990s before moving solely into cattle on more than 5000 acres.

In 1994, Barry went into partnership with his wife Topsy, and in an ongoing effort to improve their commercial herd, they acquired several top-class sires which soon created a demand from local breeders for a good bull calf. Interest escalated and so the seed was planted which resulted in their stud.

The stud was founded with the purchase of seven cows and eight calves from Dunoon. Then in May 2002 and with a vision to the future, Barry and Topsy purchased the promising stud sire Kaludah Monopoly for $24,000 at the Wodonga National Show and Sale. It was to be a pivotal point in the fledgling stud’s history and the sire’s last natural son sold at the 2011 sale. His sons returned at auction a grand total of $254,000.



Newcomen Herefords is a strong believer in the value of EBVs as a guide to selection and in the early days, the stud concentrated on growth and milk traits. That expanded to include EMAs and positive IMF figures as it was identified that astute breeders were recognising and seeking those important traits.


Weight and weight gain is prominent in the thinking at Newcomen Herefords and will continue to be so while breeders are paid on weight at the sales. An animal must have weight and weight gain balanced with good structural conformation and excellent intramuscular fat and eye muscle area figures.


Temperament is an important factor at Newcomen Herefords and to compliment the natural selection process the bulls are handled on horseback, motor bikes, on foot and are used to working dogs. The stud has withstood some long, hard droughts so there can be no doubting the stock’s toughness and ability to do well in any conditions. All Newcomen Herefords bulls are paddock reared with additional feeding to present them in working condition.

Newcomen Herefords - Founded in December 2001 by Barry and Topsy Newcomen.